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  1. Briquette Shape : Round
  2. Briquette Diameter : Ø80mm
  3. Capacity : 250 – 350 kg / hour (for aluminium material)
  4. Preliminary Compression Ram Thrust : 12.5 tons
  5. Main Compression Cylinder Thrust : 200 tons
  6. Maximum Working Pressure : 250 bars
  7. Electric Motor Power : 18 kW
  8. Loading Bucket Dimensions (Width x Length x Height) : 665mm x 1000mm x 760mm
  9. Machine Dimensions (Width x Length x Height) : 750mm x 2400mm x 1300mm
  10. Machine Weight : 6,000 kg

BP80 and MB500 as Feeding Conveyor

            OTHER FEATURES :


l        3+1 spiral feeders fill the chamber of compression automatically and at the mean time one number of roll interferes for preliminery breaking of chips.

l        Ease at use together with feeding conveyor. (Optional)

l        The machine body is made of St52 material and all welded parts are stress relieved. If desired material certificates and stress relief report is given along with machine.

l        Cylinder Rods are induction hardened and chrome plated.

l        Hydraulic Oil cooling system is implemented for efficiency at hot climate conditions.

l        Pumps and valves of hydraulic system are from worldwide reputable brands such as PARKER, BOSCH-REXROTH and VICKERS.

l        Machine is full automatic by PLC control.

l        All electrical and electronic parts are by TELEMECANIQUE Brand.

l        Body is sand blasted before painting in order to increase the paint resistancy.

l        Two undercoat and two coat paint is applied.